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Understanding The Cost of Shipping

Dec 17, 2019 3:15:00 AM

Demystifying logistical expenses from first click to last mile

Shipping may be a variable figure from business to business, but it’s always a significant one. Every January 4th, carriers increase prices between 4-6%. Economies shift, fuel prices spike and trade agreements sour — how can a shipper hope to save any money?

The key is to make the entire shipping process transparent from first click to last mile so carriers and other logistics partners are held accountable for all unnecessary additions to a shipper’s expenses. 71lbs has made shipping transparency our business by educating and empowering our customers with knowledge and actionable tools that put them in charge of their shipping costs.




Read our full guide on the cost of shipping, which will help you in minimizing logistical expenses and other things your business can do to ship smarter.

Topics: Savings, Shipping Costs

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