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Shipping Factoids For South Florida Market

Feb 28, 2018 7:45:00 AM

We at 71lbs.com call South Florida our home and are proud to service more than 300 of our 5,000 customers in the local metro area. Below is an Infographic (click here for full screen) that shows shipping metrics and insights from our local market.




Some of the main shipping highlights:

  • 33% of shipments into South Florida are shipped via FedEx, while the other 67% are shipped via UPS. On the outbound side, the rations are reversed. Most companies prefer FedEx over UPS, to the tune of 75% vs 25%.
  • The average shipment travels 1,100 miles to and from South Florida, which is the distance between South Florida and Cincinnati, OH, or Houston, TX, or New Jersey. The most common areas for destinations to and from South Florida are Texas, New Jersey, Atlanta, GA, Southern California, and South Florida (local shipments).
  • Almost ⅓ of shipments arrived with a service type of Next Day by 10.30 am, while 17% are shipped via Next Day by 3 pm. On the outbound side, the majority of shipments are shipped via Ground (40%), and 17% are shipped via deferred (FedEx Smartpost or UPS Surepost).

How often are shipments delivered late into/from South Florida?

  • Surprisingly, 11% of international shipments are delivered late into South Florida! Yes, that is 1 out of 9 international late shipments! In total, South Florida customers receive an average of $722 in refunds for all late international shipments. On the domestic side, 5.4% of Next Day 8 am shipments (FedEx First Overnight and UPS Next Day Early AM) are delivered late, which results in a $61 refund.
  • On the packages shipped from South Florida, international shipments are delivered late 5.4% of the time, resulting in a $95 refund for South Florida customers. On domestic outbound shipments, shipments with a guaranteed time commitment of 8 am and 10.30 am are late 4.6% of the time, resulting in $64 refunds for customers.

To learn more about South Florida’s shipping insights, and gain insight into your business’s shipping practice, visit www.71lbs.com.


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