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Say Anything: Virgilio Llanes, Director of eCommerce, Cooling Exchange

Sep 16, 2019 6:37:00 PM

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. 

My name is Virgilio Llanes, and I serve as the Director of eCommerce for Cooling Exchange. We're proud to be an online leader nationwide cooling warehouse distributor that has complete coverage for any auto radiator, car radiator, truck radiator, and racing radiator. We sell OEM style name brand radiators at factory direct pricing, from multiple shipping warehouses nationwide.



What inspired you to start this business?

That's an easy one: eCommerce growth and potential.


What has been your proudest moment in business?

Seeing the pride my staff members have working for me has always been important. Ultimately, I know that I depend on my team as much as they depend on me. Teamwork is key.



Name one thing with which you've struggled in the work you do.
Not being able to be everywhere and do everything all at once. It's a struggle to be available to provide help in all areas at the same time.


What's one life lesson you've experienced that has translated into the work you do?

Everyday, we must work harder than the day before. There is always someone else out there who is working harder than you. Never stop improving. (Okay, that's three lessons, but you get it.)



Let’s switch gears. You’re on a desert island; what three things would you have with you and why.

I'm pretty practical, so I'd probably choose a compass for directions, a knife to use for food and building things, and a bottle container/flask to store water.



Last question: If you could impart one piece of wisdom to your peers, what would it be?


Our business--any business, really--is constantly changing. To stay on top, we must continue to learn and grow.

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