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Premium Customer Service Takes First-Class Vigilance by Your Carrier

Sep 18, 2019 6:39:00 PM

The big retail companies have made next-day and two-day shipping the standard consumer expectation. Businesses that want to stay in the race will give their customers a clear way to track packages.

These days, the old joke of wanting something delivered yesterday is more like a possible customer request. Giants like Amazon have set the bar, forcing businesses to speed up their delivery times if they want to compete. A report from McKinsey & Company estimates that same-day and even instant delivery will claim a 20-25 percent share of the market in the next six years.

Our previous blog highlighted some other important numbers, like how 88 percent of the public want a delivery date for their package and 84 percent want to know who the carrier will be. The big statistic there was that 96 percent of people consider a parcel carrier’s app to be very important in tracking their package.

If there’s one thing our business has taught us, it’s that the shipping details supplied by companies like FedEx and UPS often leave their customers confused (or downright misled). What a business really needs is a tracking page that ticks every customer box, leaves the muddled “big shipper” model in the dust and provides the potential for further boosts to sales.

More on that below.

Why top-class tracking creates a great link with your customers

We can sum that fact up in one word: accountability. Shoppers and businesses are much more satisfied when they can see who is supposed to be doing what, how and by when. Having a tracking page shows that you care as much as they do about the things that matter to them, like if the order has been picked up yet, what leg of the journey it’s on and which parcel carrier is doing the job.

Another keyword: transparency. Tracking pages provide this, and 86 percent of the American public want it from a business. If they get it, they’re willing to give that company a second try even if they have a bad experience. It’s clear that the power of a tracking page is a pretty big deal in today’s super-competitive business world.

Combine accountability and transparency and you’ve got the kind of tracking page that creates customer trust. Last but not least, letting people know where a package is helping them plot their next move more effectively. They can shuffle plans to be there when it’s time to sign for something.

Customers want clear proof of package progress – and businesses want sales

Premium Tracking from 71lbs is the customer’s window on package progress. We create a data space that’s personalized to be part of your business, instead of the seller whisking customers off to a generic carrier page. We offer a tracking page that’s fully customizable for each individual client, which makes for a seamless data source for customers without disrupting their brand experience.

Example of Premium Tracking

Premium Tracking is more than a window for the customer into their package’s journey; businesses can also use it as a miniature shop window where customers who check in on their order may end up making another one. Here’s how.

Any tracking page (but especially a great one) encourages customers to return to the seller’s website rather than just making a purchase and moving on. This creates an opportunity for a business to place ads that cross-promote items that could interest that customer, might be currently new in stock or are simply on sale. This is the first way that Premium Tracking could mean extra money.

The second way is time saved. A tracking page with all relevant data removes the need for customers to call your business and take up time on both ends chasing answers. This gives employees more time to work on their jobs while the customer if it’s a business, can do the same. Believe us, they’ll appreciate a tracking page that saves them unwelcome effort.

The final way Premium Tracking could lead to more profits is, of course, the happy customers it creates. When buyers see that the seller is on the same page (quite literally), they’re much more likely to return. They’ll connect the business with accountability, transparency and ease of information – three attributes even Amazon lives or dies by.

The future of successful delivery relies on making things as quick and simple as they can be for customers. This is what we’re dedicated to doing with our Premium Tracking page. One simple line of code added to your shipping emails and every customer will have access to it. For more details, connect with us at the link below.

At 71lbs, we uncomplicate the shipping process for our customers, making it easier and faster for them to access refunds and reduce their expenses. Our automated platform gathers all your shipping information into one easy-to-use custom analytics dashboard. Drop by the contact page to get in touch.

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