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The mint.com inspiration

Feb 22, 2021 2:46:25 PM

Years ago, while working at FedEx, I met with some customers at a sporting event.

One of them told me something that gave me the idea for 71lbs:

"Hey Jose, it's great that FedEx offers refunds, but they're so cumbersome and difficult to get. I wish somebody would make this easier."

In addition, they had another problem that they didn't have a clear grasp of their shipping costs.

It was a trend I had been seeing come up time and time again.

At the time, I was a big fan of mint.com (still am).

It was amazing how you could give your bank information to this website and have all your expenses displayed clearly in one single dashboard.

I enjoyed the functionality and how easy and intuitive it was for use.

And so I thought:

"Could I create something like this but meant for shipping?"

I wanted to offer a similar service to companies so they could better understand their own shipping costs.

Because the alternative was (and sadly is still to this day) to log into FedEx or UPS only to stumble back into 1994.

The shipping carrier websites and reporting are just antiquated and difficult to understand.

Topics: Shipping Refunds, FedEx Refund

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