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Shipping: Why Being Rejected for a Refund Isn’t the End of the Matter

Jul 23, 2019 6:19:00 PM
Have you been told by FedEx that your package label was unreadable and had to be replaced? It sounds plausible enough, but it’s an unreasonable way ...
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What Every Company Needs to Know About Shipping Refunds

Mar 8, 2019 6:40:00 PM
How much of the $2 billion annually are you leaving on the table?
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5 Tips to Assess Your Carrier's Agreement using your 71lbs Dashboard

Aug 10, 2018 5:31:00 PM
Learning about your shipping practice has never been easier! One of the most frequent requests we receive from customers is to provide feedback on a ...
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3 More Ways Business Owners Can Save Money on Shipping

Aug 3, 2018 5:11:00 PM
Many business owners struggle as shipping costs continually trend upward with no end in sight. How can a non-enterprise sized business shipper cut ...
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Collect Your Shipping Refunds With 71lbs

Aug 10, 2017 4:32:00 PM
It’s no surprise that the increase in e-commerce sales of more than 15% since 2015 has changed how merchants handle their small package fulfillment. ...
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FedEx Money Back Guarantee

Jul 31, 2017 4:23:00 PM
This guarantee can be suspended or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. We will, at our option, and upon request, either ...
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